Business Development Series

Inner Circle Partners, LLC (ICP) presents the Business Development Series of workshops designed to teach critical business and leadership skills to business owners and their management teams. ICP has over 12 years of strategy and business development experience in 70+ service and manufacturing organizations throughout the US and Canada, ranging in size from startup to $80 million. The Business Development Series workshops have been attended by more than 2,500 participants.

In the series, ICP joins with other experts to involve participants in high-quality "real-world" business training. Participants learn in an enjoyable and interactive format that encourages the formation of healthy business relationships.

Come find answers from business professionals who have guided hundreds of clients in avoiding mistakes, doing it right, and increasing profits. Whether you are just starting, or you have an established business, you'll learn pertinent, valuable, time-tested knowledge for success--and have fun in the process!

Through the series, you will learn how to:

  • Develop and implement your business plan
  • Fund your company's growth
  • Structure the legal and financial aspects of your company
  • Market and sell your products and services
  • Protect your assets and your good name
  • Develop strong strategic alliances
  • Streamline and align your business systems
  • Organize and develop both your business and your employees

Workshops are co-sponsored by local businesses and organizations and are conducted at locations throughout the state of Arizona. Stay tuned for more information on the Business Development Series website, through which you can view workshop schedules and register online, as well as learn more about the co-sponsors, facilitators, locations, and workshop content.

We invite you to join us. All workshops are two hours long. Advanced reservation is required by 5:00 pm on the day before the class and seating is limited. The participant fee is $20 per workshop. Call John Speth at 480-748-1414 for more information on upcoming workshops.