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Strategy and Organizational Development Consulting

How well do all the “parts” of your business work together? Are you meeting your business goals? Effective business strategies create organizational alignment, achieve written goals, and maximize profits. As strategy and OD consultants, we guide you in the process of developing and implementing your winning business strategy. We take on many roles, depending on the needs of the project. Here are just a few examples from over the years.

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Business and Financial Plans for Startup & Expansion

Successful businesses have a solid written plan. What’s in it and where do I start? How do I avoid the most common pitfalls? How do I use my plan to go after funding and to increase profits? How do I keep it current? New or experienced, all businesses need a strong business plan to guide their expansion efforts, but not all business plans are created equal. We have helped a number of clients obtain funding for business expansion through the use of our business plans. Let our experience work for you in creating a business plan that truly meets your needs.

  • Developed 30+ strategic business and financial plans to generate expansion in excess of $50 million
  • Developed comprehensive financial analysis spreadsheet software to create proforma budgets, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow analysis
  • Guided two Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) at airports in Utah and Montana in capturing funding and develop new facilities valued in excess of $1.7 million
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Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Just because you built it, it doesn’t mean they will come. Successful marketing is based on understanding your message and your place in the market. We help you identify and focus in on your most profitable customers, and then design marketing and sales campaigns that work. Get the right plan and team in place--Before you blow your whole marketing budget!

  • Guided a start-up retail company in achieving its marketing goals, resulting in nationwide expansion and the sale of the company in less than two years
  • Increased sales volume and net income of companies through the introduction of new product lines, innovative marketing strategies, and streamlined supply chains
  • Designed and managed corporate marketing campaigns, nationwide sales campaigns, and E-commerce campaigns generating expansion in excess of $50 million
  • $20 million in US division sales growth, increasing net income from 5 to 10% in two years
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Organizational, Risk Management, and Legal Issues

Business owners need to think strategically about identifying, reducing, and managing the realities (and risks) of being in business. Where do I begin in setting up my business? What needs to change as I grow so I can properly protect myself, my wealth, and my assets? Our team guides clients in addressing many of the critical legal and government red tape questions you have wanted to ask, such as choice of legal entity, state and city filings, operating/partnership agreements, contracts, licensing, patents, trademarks, asset protection, fraud protection, risk management, taxes, and many others.

Experience the security and strength that comes from working with the right team of advisors. If we don’t have the answer you need, we know where to point you. Please call for specifics.

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Leadership and Management Development

ICP presents the Business Development Series of workshops designed to teach critical business and leadership skills to business owners and their management teams. We join with other experts to involve participants in high-quality “real-world” business training. Participants learn in an enjoyable and interactive format that encourages the formation of healthy business relationships.

  • Workshops are available as onsite training modules or as part of our High Adventure Executive Retreats
  • The Business Development Series workshops have been attended by more than 2,500 participants
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High Adventure Executive Retreats

Ready to have some fun? Join us in our High Adventure Executive Retreats. Please call us for details.

Strategy Refinement Retreat

Clients often express concerns that members of their executive and management teams aren’t moving in the same strategic direction. This retreat solves that problem by bringing your company’s leaders together, in a hard-working but relaxing setting, to build a shared strategic direction for your company.

Building High-Performance Teams Retreat

Learn and apply the leadership skills required to turn a good workgroup into a unified, high-performance team. Strengthen your executive, sales, or management team at a high-adventure retreat near you!

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